Lesson: Matching Water, Objects While Blindfolded & Listening to Water


Matching Water, Objects While Blindfolded & Listening to Water

“The senses, being explorers of our world, open the way to knowledge.” Maria Montessori


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Here at Must Be Montessori, we're always looking for ways to support you and your student with Montessori-inspired activities that you can do both at home and in the classroom. The key to doing Montessori at home is not so much in buying expensive materials, though certain products are worthwhile. With the learning activities below, you will find that you can use relatively inexpensive things or use household items that you already have to show your student lessons that Dr. Montessori created.

matching dyed water to crayons

What you'll need:

clear cups

food coloring


How to do it:

Fill 4 or 5 clear cups halfway with water and one drop of differently colored food coloring to match crayons that you have. Mix and place on a tray. Place crayons in a separate cup in different order. Show your student how to match the crayon to the colored water then let them finish.

Helpful tip:

Peel the paper labels off of crayons before starting and choose easy to match crayon colors.

feeling different objects in water while blindfolded

What you'll need:

water-safe toys

natural objects

small basin or large bowl

How to do it:

Gather a basket of small, water-safe toys or natural objects. Fill a basin or bowl with water and place collected items in the water. Show the bowl to your student, then blindfold them and let them feel the water and explore or name the objects that they find. 

listening to water being poured on different surfaces

What you'll need:




small pitcher

How to do it:

Collect differently sized containers, plates, materials with your student. Fill a small pitcher with water. Pour the water onto the surfaces and compare the different sounds that each makes. Use a blindfold to really heighten the auditory connection.

Helpful tip:

Create a fill station where your child can easily access water.  You can use a sink, a large basin filled with water or even a beverage dispenser. As a variation add different things to the containers and compare how it changes the sound.


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