Lesson: The Water Cycle, Different Oceans & Racing Water


The Water Cycle, Different Oceans & Racing Water

“At some given moment it happens that the child becomes deeply interested in a piece of work; we see it in the expression on his face, his intense concentration, the devotion to the exercise.” Maria Montessori


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Here at Must Be Montessori, we're always looking for ways to support you and your student with Montessori-inspired activities that you can do at home. The key to doing Montessori at home is not so much in buying expensive materials, though certain products are worthwhile. With the learning activities below, you will find that you can use relatively inexpensive things or use household items that you already have to show your student lessons that Dr. Montessori created.

Reading about the water cycle

What you'll need: 

see through vase

plastic wrap

How to do it:

Find a website or book at the library that explains the water cycle and read about it with your student. You can also find coloring pages online. Create a home experiment with a plastic wrap-covered vase that is filled with a small amount of water. Place the vase in a sunny window. Watch evaporated water collect on the saran wrap and fall back into the collected water reservoir.

Helpful tips:

Have your student label the vase with each part of the process.

reading about the different oceans

What you'll need:

globe or map

realistic animal, coral, and plant figures or printed photos

How to do it:

Locate the different oceans on a globe or map. Read about each. Talk about the various plants and animals that live in them.

Helpful tips:

You may want to focus on one ocean at a time if you plan to go in-depth about the plants and animals native to each ocean. Alternatively, you could share one or two facts about each ocean if you plan to cover this all at once.

racing water across the table with straws and breath

What you'll need:


a flat surface

How to do it:

Place a tablespoon of water a few inches from the edge of the table for both you and your student. Give both of you a straw and see who can blow their water to the other side of the table the fastest. Pause if you feel light headed.

Helpful tips:

This activity works best if you can keep the water as collected as possible.


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