Lesson: Dusting, Washing & Drying


Dusting, Washing & Drying

“The hand is the instrument of intelligence. The child needs to manipulate objects and to gain experience by touching and handling.” Maria Montessori


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Here at Must Be Montessori, we're always looking for ways to support you and your student with Montessori-inspired activities that you can do at home. The key to doing Montessori at home is not so much in buying expensive materials, though certain products are worthwhile. With the learning activities below, you will find that you can use relatively inexpensive things or use household items that you already have to show your student lessons that Dr. Montessori created.

dusting with a cloth

What you'll need: 

wash cloth

spray bottle

How to do it:

Show your student how small, dust particles (Land matter) accumulates on surfaces. Then, use a cloth and spray bottle to gently wipe the dust from the surface. Allow your student to choose surfaces around your home that need to be dusted. Put the dirty cloth in a designated spot (dish pan/basin) until the day you show how to wash it.

Helpful tip:

Have a rinse bucket handy and show your student how to rinse off the cloth.

washing a dirty cloth

What you'll need:

wash cloth

wash basin


How to do it:

Take the basin with the dirty dusting cloth(s) to a table. Fill a small pitcher with water and carry it to the table. Rub a bar of soap across the dirty cloth then lay it back in the basin and pour a small amount of water from the pitcher into the basin. Kneed and rub the dirty cloth through the water until the dirt is gone. Squeeze the excess soap and water from the cloth. Dump the dirty water in the sink. Then use the remaining clean water in the pitcher to rinse the cloth in the basin. Squeeze the water from the cloth and dump the water from the basin. Hang the cloth(s) over the side of the basin until the day you show how to hang it with clothespins.

Helpful tip:

Strategically spill a tiny bit of water so that you can model how to wipe it up.

hanging a clean cloth with clothespins

What you'll need:

wash cloth


laundry basket


How to do it:

Remember those dusting cloths you washed and set aside. Grab them, a short piece of clothesline, a laundry basket and some clothespins. Attach the clothesline to the handles of the laundry basket. Then, take one of the clothespins and show how to squeeze it open and release it shut. Take one of the dusting cloths and hold it against the clothesline, folding a corner down over the other side. Squeeze the clothespin to open and grasp the cloth and clothesline with it before releasing it closed. Choose another clothespin and repeat. 

Helpful tips:

Allow your student to practice with additional cloths, socks, etc. This squeezing with the "writing" fingers and thumb help to strengthen them for holding a pencil, fork, spoon, etc. 


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