Lesson: Transferring Water, Washing an Object & Making Lemonade


Transferring Water, Washing an Object & Making Lemonade

“The environment must be rich in motives which lend interest to activity and invite the child to conduct his own experiences.” Maria Montessori


be your own kind.

Here at Must Be Montessori, we're always looking for ways to support you and your student with Montessori-inspired activities that you can do at home. The key to doing Montessori at home is not so much in buying expensive materials, though certain products are worthwhile. With the learning activities below, you will find that you can use relatively inexpensive things or use household items that you already have to show your student lessons that Dr. Montessori created.

transferring water with cups, a ladle, and an eye dropper

What you'll need: 

2 identical cups

child-size ladle

eye dropper

How to do it:

Fill one cup with water and leave the second empty. Using either the ladle or the eye dropper move the water from one container to the second container. Return all the water to the original container using the same technique. Dry any drips and the secondary bowl before your student tries it.

Helpful tips:

Make sure to keep the wrist level with the forearm. Exaggerate the use of the proper grip.  Using a whole hand grip with the ladle and a three-finger grasp with the eye dropper.

washing an object - dinosaur, car & tricycle

What you'll need:

toothbrush or scrub brush

bar of soap

cloth or sponge

dry towel

How to do it:

Run a dry toothbrush or scrub brush across a bar of soap and apply the soap to the object in circular patterns. Wet the brush and apply the water to make bubbles. Gently remove soap suds with moistened cloth or sponge. Dry object and tray with towel and return items to their spot on the tray. 

Helpful tips:

When possible, use the top left corner as your starting point.  Doing this will reinforce the direction and the method that we would use to read a book.

making lemondade with a juicer

What you'll need:

ripe lemon, cut in half

sweetener, your choice


clear cup or glass


How to do it:

Juice half of a lemon with a hand-held juicer directly into a clean cup. Fill cup with water and add a spoonful of sweetener if desired. Mix and enjoy. Dispose of dirty cup and spoon in sink and replace on the tray with clean items.

Helpful tips:

Store all of the items needed in a child-sized basket or tray. Having supplies organized and available will allow your student to focus on the task at hand.


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