MBM Works Montessori Worksheet - 200 Chart

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200 Chart

What You'll Need

  • A blank hundred chart paper -starting with the number 101-  
  • A pencil

How to Do It

Invite your students to join your mat. Ask them if they know what number comes after 100, and start counting 101, 102, etc. While you are saying it, start writing the numbers on the hundred chart paper. 

Helpful Tips

A lot of students do not know what comes after 100. This chart is a great experience for them. It gives them skills for counting and knowing how to write the numbers. You will see that some of them write 1001 -because they think you write the number as it sounds-. After this experience they will know how to write the numbers after 200 and so on. It is not necessary to continue other charts. This will give them the confidence to know their hundreds.



200 Chart


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