MBM Works Montessori Worksheet - Color and Shade Matching

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Color and Shade Matching

What You'll Need

  • Tray
  • 2 Small Containers
  • MBM Works Montessori Worksheet- Color and Shade Matching

How to Do It

To prepare cut out each square and matching shape. Place the materials in the two separate containers. Invite the child to the mat or shelf and tell them today we are going to match colors. First, lay out the square cards, saying the name of each color as you place it on the mat. Next, slowly and precisely match each color shape card to the correct square card, saying the name of each color as you place it on the mat. Finally show them how to restore the work and return it to the shelf. Tell them where the work will be located inviting them to explore with whenever they want.


Helpful Tips

This work helps to improve color recognition and concentration. If the child shows they are ready, when giving the lesson introduce the names of the shapes; square, circle, triangle. To make this work last longer we recommend laminating.



Color and Shade Matching


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