MBM Works Montessori Worksheet - Colorful Onomonopias

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Colorful Onomatopoeias  

What You'll Need

  • Cards with animals pictures
  • Cards with animal sounds in English
  • Cards with animal sounds in Spanish

How to Do It

Tell your student that you are going to show some onomatopoeias. Explain that an onomatopoeia  is the process of creating a word that phonetically imitates or suggests the sound it describes. Say you are using the animal sounds. The majority of the students are familiarized with the animal sounds in english, but adding the spanish sounds will make it more exciting and interesting. Tell them that as they can see, the sound depends on the language.

Helpful Tips

For non-readers or starting readers just use the cards in english. For good readers use both. Also encourage them to make their own comic pictures with some of the onomatopeias they learned. Onomatopoeias increase memory retention because of the multisensorial channels, and also expands the vocabulary to describe a situation in case there is a language barrier.



Colorful Onomonopias


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