MBM Works Montessori Worksheet - Cutting Work

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Cutting Work

What You'll Need

  • Divided Trays
  • Child Sized Scissors
  • Colored Printer Paper
  • Small Container
  • MBM Works Montessori Worksheet- Cutting Work

How to Do It

To prepare print worksheets on different colored printer paper, cutting on the dotted line to separate into strips. Place the strips in the divided tray. Invite the child to the mat or shelf and tell them today we are going to practice using scissors to cut. First, show the child the scissors, telling them what they are, reminding them to how to safely use them. Next, slowly and precisely demonstrate cutting one of the strips. Show them where the paper goes after cutting, either the trash or the small container to empty after the job is complete.  Invite the child to try cutting a few themselves. Finally show them how to restore the work and return it to the shelf. Tell them where the work will be located inviting them to explore with whenever they want.

Helpful Tips

This work helps to improve pincer grip, fine motor skills, and concentration. This work can be challenging for the child if they are first learning to use scissors, be there to support the child as they are learning. They may tend to try and use the scissors in other places, this work can be put on the shelf without the scissors, as to make sure an adult is present for the work. 



Cutting Work


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