MBM Works Montessori Worksheet - Heart Labyrinth

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Heart Labyrinth

What You'll Need

  • MBM Works Montessori Worksheet- Heart Labyrinth
  • fine tip wet-erase marker
  • damp sponge
  • pebbles, seashells, or beans

How to Do It

To prepare print out the worksheet and laminate it. Invite the child to use her index and middle fingers to trace trace a path through the labyrinth. You may tell the child that this is a labyrinth or a maze. If the child is older invite them to use a fine tip wet-erase marker instead. This will help prevent the child's work from being erased accidently. Show her to use the damp sponge to correct any mistakes and to wipe the card clean before returning to the shelf.

Helpful Tips

This work helps to improve pincer grip, fine motor skills, and concentration. Get creative and use tiny pebbles, seashells, or beans to mark the path. Labyrinth work can often be found in the peace area of a Montessori classroom.



Heart Labyrinth


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