Primary (Preschool) Activity - Cinco de Mayo

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Cinco de Mayo is observed to commemorate the victory of the Mexican Army against the French Empire.  Also known as the Battle of Puebla this event took place on May, 5 1862.  Hence the name "Cinco de Mayo" which translates to "the fifth of May".  


After sharing the history about the holiday ask your child trace the words "cinco de mayo".  Based on your child's level and interest allow them to trace the letter using their pointer finger, a spindle or a pencil.  As your child completes a letter have them make the corresponding sound or you may say the sound and have them mimic you.  


Starting on the far left, red portion of the number rod slowly drag your first and middle fingers over and say "uno".   Make sure to drag your fingers from left to right, which is also the direction in which we read text.  Next drag the same fingers over the the following blue section and say "dos".  Continue the same process with tres, cuatro and cinco.  


Based on your child's ability have them cut out each portion of the colored flags or you may cut them out for them.  Now slowly pick up one piece at a time and place it where it belongs on the black and white flag.  Be sure to pick the pieces up and place them in sequential order starting with the far left piece.  


The page is designed for the bottom half to be cut off leaving the top two-thirds of the page in tact.  We recommend that you laminate the top half and the flag pieces.  All that's left is to place all parts neatly into a child size wooden tray.  


Cinco de Mayo Activity


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