Primary (Preschool) / Lower Elementary Activity - Mother's Day

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Mother's Day is commonly celebrated in March or May in many parts of the world.  In the United states it is held annually on the second Sunday in May.  The holiday is to honor and celebrate mothers and mother-like figures usually by making gifts, sending cards or flowers.


After sharing the history about the holiday ask your child to trace the words "Happy Mother's Day".  Based on your child's level and interest allow them to trace the letter using their pointer finger, a spindle or a pencil.  As your child completes a letter have them make the corresponding sound or you may say the sound and have them mimic you.  For elementary students have them create their own pennant using the blank template provided.


Explain to your child that this is called a pennant flag, it's wider at the hoist and becomes narrower on the fly.  For elementary students have them measure the hoist and the fly to verify.


Choose a flower based on your child's ability and have them cut out each pennant and the flower.  Once the flower has been cut simply wrap the flower around it's center tightly.  Use hot glue, strong tape or glue dots to hold it in place. Add pipe cleaners, paper or real leaves to complete the project.


Pre-cut flower piece(s) as needed in order for your child to be successful.  Modifying these steps to meet your child at their level will ensure that they are are able to complete the work.


Mother's Day Activity Pennant

Mother's Day Activity Flower 1

Mother's Day Activity Flower 2

Mother's Day Activity Flower 3



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