Montessori Curriculum for Toddlers - Lessons with Fruit, Introduction

Chances are, fruit is already in your kitchen! Grab some fruit, snap some pictures of it or throw it in a basket for a variety of lessons and create an instant week of lessons for your toddler. 

The possibilities for food prep with fruit are endless and allow your child to help in the kitchen while working on independence and fine motor skills. 

Your child is also increasing vocabulary that they can use daily during eating, learning about where their food comes from, and learning about making healthy food choices at a young age.


Follow Your Child!

In a classroom setting there are many students and up to 50 jobs on the various shelves at a time. These jobs may stay on the shelf for up to a month, some even longer. 

This lesson plan is solely a guide to creating Montessori activities at home. The main purpose of Montessori is to follow the child. 

Observe how long the child is working with the activity, if they seem engaged, if you need to make it easier or more challenging with a variation. Observe whether the child seems overwhelmed with too much on the shelf or seems like they need more and coordinate lessons accordingly. Observe if your child loved an activity and now, they are not interested anymore. 

How can you use the same concept with a slight variation? 

For example, most of these lessons can be replaced with vegetables to introduce a new theme, add new vocabulary, and spark the child’s interest. Observation is the key to adjusting lessons to match your child’s needs and make Montessori successful in your home.

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