A Beautiful Montessori Legacy

A Tribute to Lori Bossy

I first met Lori Bossy interviewing for a position at her school. I remember how comfortable she made me feel. She was sweet, sincere, and unlike anyone I had met before. I started working for Lori a few weeks later. Twice a week, she would be at my campus, and I would have the opportunity to train with her. One day Lori had a tour scheduled, and I remember listening to her talk about Montessori. She talked about the children always having a choice, being respected, and learning about peace. It was beautiful.

Lori has dedicated her life to bringing community, respect, and a love for learning to children and adults through Montessori. She has built a wonderful community through Maria Montessori's principles which are practiced in her classrooms today. Her schools create a safe atmosphere that truly celebrates and supports the child allowing them to self-motivate and pursue their social, emotional, and intellectual interests.  

Going beyond the walls of the school, Lori gives her time to serve the community: another Montessori principle. I've attended family picnics, academic celebrations, and everything in between. Every year she hosts the Peace Walk in Las Vegas. All Montessori schools in the Las Vegas area are invited to come together and participate in a walk for peace that ends in a picnic celebration of all things Montessori. Lori donates to the Las Vegas community through Empty Bowls, an initiative to help feed the hungry. She works closely with Julia Occiogrosso of The Catholic Worker by donating all the proceeds from school drives and fundraisers to help the homeless. She continues to give to those in need.

"The vision of the teacher should be at once precise like that of the scientist, and spiritual like that of the saint."

-Maria Montessori


Lori's passion for Montessori is shared and cultivated by her entire family, including her father, siblings, daughters, and grandchildren. Her father and her siblings took great interest in the Montessori learning environment. They traveled to successful Montessori schools in the United States before opening their own in Las Vegas. Lori's siblings rented space from the Sunset Campus during the 1999-2000 school year while her brother designed another Montessori school which he and her sister owned.

They all had a strong desire to ensure that their Montessori schools were of the highest quality and integrity and, therefore, decided to include American Montessori Society (AMS) affiliation in the early 2000s. After a few years of struggling to get quality Montessori teachers in Las Vegas, the two schools joined forces to open Montessori Training of Southern Nevada; an AMS affiliated MACTE accredited training program for early childhood.

In 1999, Lori and her father began with a Primary and Early Childhood program while Lori's siblings offered Lower Elementary. In 2000, Upper Elementary and Middle School programs were soon added. They added their first high school program in 2014. As the students aged, the school grew to meet the needs of the community. As her school grew, she kept finding ways to improve the quality of the education offered. After adding high school program, Lori began the process of accreditation with Cognia.

Lori has continued to be dedicated to offering true Montessori education for students and adult learners at an affordable price since 1999. As for her daughter, who struggled in a traditional learning environment, she became Montessori certified right out of high school and has been teaching and certified since 2005.

Lori is a true inspiration to the Las Vegas area. Her piety and generosity are felt throughout the community. Her schools have and hold an excellent reputation for producing confident, respectful, self-motivated, caring, and intelligent young people who are positively changing the world. Her reach of positivity and love goes beyond the walls of the school and into the community through her works of service and her continuous engagement with the parents and families of the Montessori community.

If you see Lori, you might not even realize that it's her at first. She's the woman on the ladder clearing the rain gutters during a storm or the lady singing and dancing as she walks your child to class. Her spirit is infectious. One of Lori's many gifts is her ability to fix things. "Everything is solvable," she likes to say. She follows Montessori's philosophy in all facets of life, from her schools to community and her family. If you're looking for a solution for the upcoming school year Montessori Visions Academy is worth considering. 

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