Cultural Studies: The Human Heart, Ages 3-6

This month in cultural our primary classrooms are learning about the heart.  There are plenty of learning tools available but here are a few of my favorites.

Pumping Heart Model Kit - A parent or teacher will have to build this and have it already set up.  Have the child squeeze the pump.  The child will be able to watch the blood (red food coloring and water) pumped away and back to the heart.  This kit is available online for about $20.  

Parts of a Heart Wooden Puzzle - Have the child remove one section at a time and carefully trace each piece on their paper.  Available online for about $35.

Foods for the Heart - Create a paper traffic light and place in a basket along with realistic toy food.  Have the child match which foods are good to eat often near the green light, the foods that should be eaten in moderation near the yellow light and the foods that should be eaten sparingly near the red light.  

Listen to Your Heart - For this you will need a stethoscope.  Have the child listen to their heart beat.  Then ask the child to jog in place for 15 or so seconds.  Now have the child listen to their heart beat again.  Note: Have a way to sanitize the stethoscope after each use if it is being shared in the classroom.


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