Montessori Curriculum at Home - Toddler Membership

Toddler Membership

Become a member today and receive full access to our Montessori Curriculum for Home, toddler level content.

Lessons in this membership are intended for children that are age 15 months and older.

20 Themed Activities Every Month

Every month get exclusive access to all of our toddler lessons.  

You'll get 5 Lessons for each of the 4 areas in a toddler level Montessori classroom.

Includes; 5 Lessons in Language, 5 Lessons in Sensorial, 5 Practical Life Lessons, and 5 Cultural Lessons. 

A total of 20 themed activities to keep your toddler engaged!

Easy to Follow

Each month you'll get a lesson plan overview of our toddler curriculum, written by our trained and certified Montessori teachers. 

Your lesson plan overview will come in a calendar style format so that you can plan ahead and make adjustments based on your toddler's needs. 

There's no need to buy expensive materials.  Most lessons use items that you already have at home. 

All lesson plans are written with easy to follow instructions created just for parents!  


Need Extra Help?

Need extra guidance or reassurance that you're on the right track?

Get members only access to our Montessori trained and certified teachers!

Become a member today and get instant access to this month's content:

-A Monthly Lesson Plan Calendar

-20 Themed Montessori Lessons for Toddlers

-Exclusive Access to our Certified Montessori Teachers

-Special Invite to Must Be Mondays

-Members only offers and discounts

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