Pumpkin Yoga: Smell The Pumpkin, Blow Out The Candle

Every day of the week we have a different in school special.  Every Wednesday the special is Yoga.  For children that wish to practice more often it's also available in our peace area anytime.  For teachers, we offer it once a week on Fridays.  Can you tell that we love Yoga?  

There's just so much to love.  Lots of deep breathing, all of the wonderful stretches, and those pumpkins!  This week we added pumpkins to our routine, and it was a huge success.  With eleven weeks of school under our belt, the children already knew how to do Yoga stretches and poses.  They were excited to add a new element and to see if they could do it.  

Here are a few ideas to help get you started.  Have the children:

     -Smell the pumpkin and blow out the stem

     -Place the pumpkin near their feet for downward facing dog

     -Hold the pumpkin in their hands while doing a crescent lunge

     -Hold the pumpkin up with their feet while lying on their back (leg up the wall pose)

     -Balance the pumpkin on top of their hand during a warrior II pose

Safety Tip

Opt for small pumpkins with little stems.  The smoother the stem the better.  Use a strip of quality packing tape over the stem if necessary. 


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